Stories of Inspiration

Denis S.

“Zella is a dream come true and a great joy in my life. Inner demons are hard to overcome, but she gives me drive from within two keep plugging away.”

Jason K.

“You can see that Dove knows and feels her purpose and strives to maintain that standard. Before, she was in a shelter with no direction. Operation Delta Dog gave her a purpose and helped me feel normal again.”

Kelly G.

“Working as a team, Dollar and I are able to leave my home and spend more time in public places with confidence that we can work through my symptoms together.”

Brian Z.

“Operation Delta Dog’s unique training program gave Franklin and me a mission and helped solidify our bond. Learning to work together, having patience, maintaining consistency, providing positive reinforcement, and practicing the give-and-take required to be a team is a therapeutic process itself, for both of us.”

Joe O.

“Jake helps to bring out the person I always was, but lost many years ago.”